Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Gift Guide for Your Favorite DIYer

I feel like these gift guides always spark some ideas when I read them on other blogs. Regardless of whether you're able to pick up these exact products, they might help you if you're stuck on what to get someone special that just happens to love DIY project. It's the 19th, which means that TOMORROW is the last day to mail packages USPS Priority and have them reach friends and family before Christmas. Hurry, hurry, busy bees! Here are our ideas for a quick, great gift:

diy crafter crafting crafts gift guide

1. One of our crafting kits of course! Shameless plug, but we think they're pretty great. Let us know if it's a gift and we'll wrap it up! This one is the Needle Felting Breakfast Kit for $30.

2. Another great kit (even if we didn't make it!) is this Modern Cross-stitch Bamboo Necklace Kit from Red Gate Stitchery, $14. How cute is that chevron pattern? Check out their other kits on Etsy too.

3. From one of our favorite local designers, Slide Sideways, this sweet little pencil case is perfect for artists, crafters, sewers and more. They can keep all their tools and goodies inside! $15 in our shop.

4. This one is for you if you feel like spending a pretty penny on a good friend. The Portrait & Cameo Silhouette Studio® cutting machines are the coolest crafter's tools I've heard of in a while. These little guys can cut a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, cardstock, fabric, heat transfer material, etc. Now, if only there was one that cut wood at this price... $199-$299.

5. Last but not least, for the kitchen DIYers, a sweet cake pop kit by Bakerella, $19.95. I've never tried to make cake pops but I've heard they are very difficult. Maybe this kit is something I need?!

We'd love to hear your DIY gift suggestions too!

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