Monday, February 17, 2014

Those Girls: Where, Oh Where, Are Andie & Emily??

We know. We've been absent from this blog BIG TIME lately. We're not even sure that you are still out there reading this! But if you are, we oh-so-thank-you. Last year was a roller coaster for Assemble. There were high times, low times, and all of the in-between. We wanted to reach out to our faithful friends and customers and let you know what exactly has been keeping us silent for the past couple of months.

First, some "bad" news. We don't see this as bad news, and hope that you don't either, but if it has to be classified either way--then this is it! If you've been sticking around here lately, you might notice that we have been selling off all of our non-Assemble inventory at 50% (or more!) off. Emily and I have to decided to focus our attention exclusively on the Assemble-made products. Our stamps and kits are now our main focus in the shop, and we won't be taking on any other outside designers. The designers and product lines that we have carried in our shop for the past four years make up some of the most special people we have ever come into contact with, and are so glad that we had the pleasure of working with them. But it's time--to focus directly on what's best for us.

Which leads us to the good news! (Drum roll...........) We are writing a book! We have acquired literary representation and are now putting the finishing touches on our first book summary and outline. This has, of course, put a lot of pressure on us to focus all of our writing talent toward the project at hand, so our blog has been set on the back-burner for that past few months. Sometimes we come back here and sigh a little sigh, knowing that all of our blogging energy has been turned toward the pages of our upcoming book. We'll have more announcements for that project in the future, so stay tuned.

It's one of my (Andie) personal goals to start visiting this blog a little more regularly, despite using our allotted "word count" in our book preparations. We miss you all, we miss our projects and recipes, interviews and Those Girls interactions. Don't worry--we haven't left, it's just a slow-blogging momentum at the moment.

Stay tuned.
Love, Andie & Emily

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