Friday, October 19, 2012

Favorite Friend Friday: Slide Sideways

slide sideways jacqui and scott scoggin

We're really excited to have Tacoma-based duo, Slide Sideways, on our list of favorite friends. We met Jacqui and Scott Scoggin during the first Etsy Rain Craft Show, and fell in love with the two of them and their work almost immediately. Talented, genuine, and ultra-adorable, Slide Sideways creates thoughtful and stylish products that are always at the top of our best seller list.

Assemble: Tell us a little bit about Slide Sideways.
We started a little over four years ago when we were both working full time at graphic design jobs that ironically were not that fulfilling creatively. When we would come home and on weekends we would draw and make things with our hands. We decided to apply our illustrative skill-set and our fondness of craft and make something out of it. Today Slide Sideways is about half graphic design business and half handmade goods. We do quite a bit of traveling in the summer and winter for craft shows.

How long have you guys been working together as a couple?
We've been exploring, learning, and working together as a couple for over eight years, but working together on Slide Sideways has been just over four years.

What do you like the most about your job?
The hands-down best part about what we do is that we get to be creative for a living. We get to work with great clients tackling ever challenging graphic design projects on one side and on the other we get to use our hands and minds creating handmade goods, it is a great balance for us and keeps us very busy.

Do you sew and silkscreen every piece? If so, where do you work?
Yes, we sew and silkscreen every product we make. We are very concerned about having the best quality possible in all of our products and for us that means not overlooking even the tiniest details. Everything has always been made in our home studio, which has gone from a tiny apartment, to recently our first home. We have so much more room than we've ever had and it's made things so much easier on us.

pantone swatches with silkscreens by slide sideways

Do you have any new designs in the works?
Yes, we just finished a series of silkscreened prints that we are excited to release. We also have some holiday wrapping paper that will be available this holiday season.

Which product is your "fan favorite?" What are your favorite products?
Our produce bags have been doing pretty well and we get a lot of use out of ours, so those are probably a mutual favorite. We also really love our new tote bags that we released this last summer.

slide sideways green screen printed tote bag and pencil pouch
Green Market Weave Tote Bag and Pencil Pouch by Slide Sideways

Now for the fun ones!

What do you like to do in your off time (if any)?
As much as we enjoy the work we do for a living, we also enjoy the non-work that we try to make time for every day because we feel that stepping away is a hugely positive thing to do. Our favorite place to step away into is the out-of-doors. We are so fortunate to live in such an amazing place as the Pacific Northwest. We have a great park near us that we can ride our bikes to and do some nature exploring, we find so much inspiration out there! We also enjoy working in our garden, and the occasional surf out on the coast is always a great time.

If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
Scott: Birds seem to have all the fun, especially on a windy day.
Jacqui: If there is a job title for it, I'd just like to explore woodsy trails and coast lines. Then at the end of the day cook a big meal and enjoy with fellow friends, family, travelers.

trails in Washington, little pinecones, lichen by slide sideways

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Scott: There are many places I'd like to visit for sure, but I really like it here and it would be very hard for me to leave, this is my kind of environment.
Jacqui: If you had asked me this 10 or even 5 years ago my response might be very different from today. But I'm with Scott, I really love where we live and can't imagine our life anywhere else. Although one of the islands in the San Juan's around here might be a close second.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Scott: I am answering this pre-breakfast and I am pretty hungry, but Jacqui made some pancakes the other day that were beyond great. Also Thai food always has my vote.
Jacqui: This is tough. There are 2 things though that I can straight up always eat with nothing else around, avocados and chocolate. But at some point I'd really need to add in some kale, you know, for balance.

And the age old, dinner question: who would you have dinner with dead or alive?
Scott: A group of my living and deceased relatives would be great.
Jacqui: I definitely put family and friends at the top of the list.

To shop view more of their designs, go to our shop and see lots more of their work at their website. Thanks, guys!

All images via Slide Sideways.

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