Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Make It Yourself! Emily's Halloween "Costume"

Can you guess what I'm dressing as for Halloween?

every day candy corn costume with items from Target inspired by Fred Flare
Cream Cardigan, Orange Dress, Yellow Tights

Candy Corn! I'm reluctant to call this a costume, however. These are pieces I already own and wear regularly anyway (Thanks, Target.) Cop out? Perhaps. But I'm going with it. Day to day tasks in a candy corn costume with an active toddler sounds daunting, BUT I might add a pointy white cap to up my legitimacy. The Fred Flare original inspiration was much cuter (and now SOLD OUT), but my version will have to do this year! See below:

fred flare candy corn costume
Images via Fred Flare

What are you going to be?

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