Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Assemble Rubber Stamp Project #2: DIY Wrapping Paper

It's been a bit since our Assemble Rubber Stamp Project #1, and with the holidays coming, we thought we'd do a quick tutorial on DIY wrapping paper with our dashing polar bear stamp. We wrapped this package with DIY wrapping paper made from regular old printer office paper, junk mail (yes!) and our stamp.

To create this package, you will need:
• blank sheets of paper (we used office paper and a Tiffany & Co. envelope)
a stamp
• ink pad
• your box!
• double-sided tape
• scissors
• baker's twine or ribbon

Stamp your image onto the paper in whatever design you prefer. I stamped this paper a few days before hand because the coating on the printer paper was a bit slick, and the ink needed to dry.

If you need to seam pieces of paper together to be big enough to fit your box, flip the page over and place double-sided tape as close to the edge as possible.

Connect with the other sheet, and remember to use this "seam" as one of the box's corners (see photo below).

Fold your page over, find the edge of the box and either cut or fold your paper to size. Place double sided tape to the very edge of that fold or cut and tape to the other side of the paper (which should be folded in underneath).

Push the end flap down and create a seam. Fold the side flaps into perfect triangles and place double-sided tape to the edges of these folds (see pic below, you can just make out the tape).

Tape the two side folds in and secure. Place double-sided tape along the triangular edges of the last flap, and fold in toward the center. Secure in place. Repeat these steps on the other side.

To create your gift tag, stamp on a different colored cardstock and cut close in a rectangular shape. Tie baker's twine around the package and slip the card under the top bow. Done and done! A perfect package for pennies.

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