Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wish You Were Here! School House Craft's Summer Blogging Camp

Despite the absence of Emily (vacation to meet a new baby!) I had a great time at the School House Craft Summer Blogging Camp. Emily is the calm and articulate public speaker of our partnership, so it was time for me to face my fears of public speaking and join some pals to spread great tips and tricks of the trade to fellow bloggers.

school house craft summer blogging camp

On the roster was a “Balancing Life and Blogging Panel” with old friend Blair Stocker of Wisecraft, and new friends Megan Reardon of Not Martha and Arianne Foulks of Aeolidia. It is so interesting to listen to other bloggers/business ladies chat about their processes, challenges and ideas. I learned so much from the three of them.

Then, onto my roundtable discussion with a delightful group of new friends on “Styling your Blog Photographs” and a delicious gluten-free lunch of strawberries, snap peas, tomatoes, carrots and Fritos (yes!). I’ll put up some of the tips that we talked about next week, along with some helpful HTML hints.

school house craft summer blogging camp

After our lunch roundtables, it was on to the next panel. This was the one that I took notes for: “Monetizing Your Blog.” Phew! Marie LeBaron from Make and Takes, Melanie Biehle from Inward Facing Girl and Moorea Seal were all experts in something that I consider daunting and sometimes a big, old drag. Interesting that a whole new world to your blogging method can open up to you in just one hour.

school house craft summer blogging camp

All in all, it was a lovely, educational and eye-opening experience for all, and we forget how important it is to surround ourselves with like-minded, creative people more, instead of sitting behind our computer screen and shouting out into cyber-space.

A special thank you to Marlo Miyashiro and Andrea Porter for their amazing work getting the entire event up and running (and oh so adorable). I had a blast! We’ll see you in September!

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