Monday, April 22, 2013

Those Girls: Do You Exercise?

Everyone is different. I get that. And I realize that I am a slim person, and some might think I have no room to talk. However, I am very unlike certain (albeit, awesome) bloggers who have had several children and eat pizza and burgers nearly every day (it seems) and still seem to be drop-dead gorgeously thin. There's nothing wrong with this--it's just luck of the draw. I have a hunch that this is why people don't like Gwyneth Paltrow (my personal favorite).

do you exercise
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However, there is something to be said about taking our lives into our own hands. I know so many people who are fantastic at managing their careers and home lives, yet exercise is just not a priority, and they feel it. A sluggishness sets in when we aren't moving our bodies as they were made to. I have been that person for the past three months. My huge amount of work and my comfy couch and the Seattle rain and "I have a headache" are all great excuses for why I shouldn't go running: but I will tell you this--once I get back in the habit of daily runs, I am unstoppable. I never felt better than I did the few weeks before my wedding. I was running three miles nearly every day, eating like a champ (lots of veggies and lean meats), drinking tons of water and taking vitamins. I will say that it was totally easy. It wasn't hard, and that's the annoying part. I was down seven pounds from where I am now, and had gained a crazy amount of muscle. All of that muscle has turned to wine and cheese by this point. And why is it that I just can't seem to get out there? Why do we fight against things that will make us feel great?

Running is not for everyone. A lot of my best friends are Yoga masters, and I will tell you right now: I will never go to a Yoga class with you. I have gotten up early a few times to try Yoga out and I always find myself asleep on the floor with carpet lines in my face. It's too relaxing--I need some pick up and go (thank you, MIA and Kanye for running with me). Some people respond really well to kickboxing, or walking, or swimming. You have to find your niche--and the exercise that you can do and not dread. Dread is not helping anyone. Speaking of--with summer coming, you know you'd rather be eating and moving and feeling the way you want to.

And ps., I hate this too: but sugar is your enemy. Sugar is my enemy. Sugar is what makes you want to sit instead of move. Some people get their sugar from their coffee, or bread, or wine (ahem, me), or donuts, or fruit cocktail disguising itself as healthy. Regardless. Cut that out--I'll try too.

I'm starting back now (as of right this second)--maybe not on my wedding crazy-lady-routine, but definitely on a regular schedule again. Want to come with me?

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