Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outtakes: From Scratch to Success

Just a little reminder about my class with Go Mighty--one student will win a $500 grant toward their business goals and a free consultation from me! Go Mighty is a really great group to get involved with--they are basically in the business of helping people's dreams come true. They helped me get this class together because it was one of my goals on my Go Mighty Life list. Sign up for the class in get involved here: SIGN UP!

The last day of shooting was a bit ridiculous, so it gave me the idea to make a little Outtake video for promotion. Grady (my chihuahua) was a bit nuts that day, which is who I'm talking to off camera. Enjoy and share the class info!

Outtakes: From Scratch to Success from Andie GWP on Vimeo.

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