Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crafty Project: Recipe Cards with Small Object Stamps

There are some beautifully designed, ready-made recipe cards out there that would do just fine for a kitchen collection, but nothing beats whipping some up on your own--even just for the fun process! I played around with washi tape and the Small Object Recipe Card Kitchen Stamp Set (and some ink pads and my typewriter of course) to make a recipe card of my Berry Medley Smoothie.

make your own recipe card using rubber stamps, ink and washi tape

Since the recipe fractions in the stamp set are all on one stamp (economical!), I used the same old masking technique (remember that post from last week?) from our last stamp tutorial to single out the exact numbers that I wanted to use. I just cut out a little mask out of excess card stock. See below:

rubber stamping technique masking

Easy-peasy! And yes, I did just want to use the tablespoon stamp, that's why I added "happy." But come on, they're so cute!! Oh and the Sweet Tooth. He's just so darn cute too!! See all of the Small Object stamps and stamp sets here. Now cook one up!

the small object stamp set kitchen recipes and sweet tooth
Recipe Card Kitchen Stamp Set, $24 and Sweet Tooth Rubber Stamp, $6.

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