Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Best Gifts to Buy a New Mom, by a Non-Mom

In light of our recent events: brand new George coming into the world, I thought I'd put together my perfect list of gifts to give a new mom. Yes, I know I'm not a mom--however, about 90% of my friends are. I hear their gripes, I hear their wants, I read endless Facebook status updates about onesies and diapers. HOWEVER, I still have an anchor to the "I'm just a lady" side of being a woman. Not the mother side--the woman side. So I take pride in enhancing that in even the most exhausted new mom. Below are my favorite gifts to give a new mom:

the best gifts for a brand new mom

1. Lipstick. I may take heat for this, but I stand by my choice. It really doesn't matter how cheap or expensive it is. Lipstick is the fastest way to brighten your face. Add a lip balm like this this Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balm, and a new mom is set. Feeling more fresh, pretty, and moisturized.

2. Comfy, stylish slippers. Let's be honest: Mom's going to be home a lot. Slippers are nice, especially cute ones. Indulge in cuddlies for your pal. My favorite are these Moccasin Slippers from J. Crew.

3. A coupon for pretty much anything is going to make their day. A coupon for babysitting, cleaning, a free meal, a free massage, a date night with their spouse: whatever. Don't forget to bug them to use it though, because most people feel a bit uncomfortable demanding your time.

4. If you're ready to drop some cash, grab them an iPad Mini. Endless breastfeeding entertainment.

5. Another appearance enhancer: chew beads. We've talked about these before, but they are awesome. I don't even have a baby and I think they're adorable. Non-toxic, baby-safe, cute jewelry from baby mamas.

Got any suggestions?

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