Thursday, December 27, 2012

We're Back: A New Year, A New Pantone Color

We're back on the blog! After a much needed Christmas break, we are back and ready to get back into the crafty spirit. While Emily packs up the former Assemble space, I'm in Durango, Colorado, doing some exploring for new art & design (plus a little family time here and there!)

Have you heard? With the New Year fast approaching, Pantone has released it's brand new color of the year: Emerald! What do you think?

pantone color of the year emerald

The news got me very excited for fun things in shades of green! Here's a roundup of some of our favorite things with an Emerald inspiration:

color palette emerald green pantone

1. Chewbeads! These are great for all of your friends that are having babies! If you're anything like me, that's most of your friends. Stylish and chic, plus safe for baby paws and gums.

2. Emerald Pantone iPhone 5 Case: I don't have the new iPhone 5, but definitely would love one after playing with my parents' iPhone 5 Panorama camera! If you're lucky enough to have one, grab one of these super-new Emerald cases, $34.95.

3. On sale! Plus flattering for any shape: love these Hutton Trench Trousers in Festival Green from J. Crew, $89.99.

4. Not quite Emerald, but definitely in the happy green family, this Squatter Nail Polish from Butter would be perfect for New Year's Eve, $14.

5. We love these classic pumps in a fresh color! The Profit and Gloss Heel in green from Modcloth, $42.99

6. Last but not least, another homage to Emerald, the Marimeko Iltavilli Olive Green Bowl. Young calves for a new year, $12 from Crate & Barrel.

Yay for Pantone 17-5641, Emerald!!

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