Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pretty Pattern Gift Guide

I am a pattern junky. Honestly, I have to focus very hard when I buy accent pieces for my house, because it is starting to look like a version of that nutty girl in your Chemistry class who wore stripes AND polka dots (plus high-top Kaepas and wrote Mrs. Bowie all over her Trapper Keeper). And no, I'm NOT speaking from experience, if she's reading this.

pretty patterns gift guide slide sideways washi tape iphone nell and mary madewell bangles

So, I've put together our first Holiday gift guide--and there are MANY more to come. This one is for your pretty, pattern loving friends and family. Enjoy!

1. I'm not so much a bangle-wearer as I am a bangle-loser, but in this case, I might try to hang onto them a bit better. Check out these Hare + Hart Skinny Suede Bangles from Madewell in a variety of colors, $40.

2. Washi tape! Washi tape! Washi tape! We love this stuff! Get it anywhere! This roll is also available at Madewell: the Kamoi Kakoshi collection, $4.

3. Piano Nobile patterns on RandL notebooks! Two of our favorite designers, $24-$32 at R&L Goods.

4. I got this perfect patterned pillow case at the Urban Craft Uprising last weekend from Nell & Mary. The Patagonia Pillow, $82.

5. Stripey iPhone cases! How cute! Grab these for your stripey-loving friends. From Uncommon Goods for $39.95.

6. Last but not least, our favorite Tacoma textile designers, Slide Sideways, made this pouch just for your pencils, makeup and other supplies. Grab it in our shop for $18.

Happy Holiday shopping!!!

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