Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kit Assembly Party!

Last night, Assemble hosted a "kit assembly party" and lots of wonderful friends came out to support us by helping to put together our long-awaited kits. They're almost here, guys!! Sustained with wine, pizza and Halloween candy, it was a fun-filled four hours of taping, cutting, winding of yarn, tubing of needle-felting needles, sewing of crochet hook pouches, the whole nine yards. We're getting so close to showing you pictures of the actual kits, but in the meantime, check out some of our fun below.

yarn spools for crafting kits at Assemble crafting party
Little wooden yarn spools for the crochet kit!

little test tubes for needle felting needles and toothpicks at Assemble crafting party
Tiny test tubes full of needle-felting goodness!

amy bengtson and chika eustace of velouria boutique cutting yarn for assemble crafting kits at party
Amy Bengtson and Chika Eustace of Velouria Boutique helping out!

pizza at crafting party
mmmm. pizza.

felt for crochet hook pouches ready to be cut at the crafting party
"Cut & sew me, please!" -felt.

Special, special thanks to:

Chika and Cat of Velouria Boutique in Ballard
Amy Bengtson of Amy Bengtson Jewelry
France Wisniewski of Bananafish Studios
and Christian Powers, husband/teacher/musician extraordinaire.

Kits coming so soon!!

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