Monday, October 8, 2012

Eggs-ellent Eggs.

So, just recently I was looking up different ways to cook eggs. I've been trying to put them back into my diet more frequently because 1/they're DELICIOUS and 2/they work with pretty much anything. In my searching, I came across this adorable infographic by Culinaut. How cute is this? All types of eggs and ways to cook, see below:

free range cage free chickens and ways of cooking eggs chart
Image via Culinaut

I'm hoping that all of you are buying organic, free range eggs whenever possible, because as we all know: what is better for the chicken, is better for the human! Plus, they are oh-so-cute and treating animals with respect is always important.

As for cooking: what do you prefer? I personally love two over-easy eggs on toast with truffle salt. Mmmm! Poached is my second favorite, but I'm just terrible at making them. Anyone have any tips? I always end up with broken yolks, which are no fun. Can't get enough? I made a little collage of my favorite eggy-goodies below. Bon appetit!

kinder eggs, rubber stamps, egg cup and crate and barrel egg collage

Images as linked below

1. Sweet stamps from The Small Object in brand new packaging! Available in our online shop. $6 - $24.

2. Kinder Eggs! I spent a bit of my childhood in England and was lucky enough to experience these chocolate eggs with little toys inside. They are actually banned in the US, however, "because it contains a "non-nutritive object embedded in it [FDA]." Okay...We'll get our European friends to send us some.

3. I love this sleek, classy ceramic egg crate from Crate & Barrel. Eggs are technically supposed to be stored at room temperature, so one of these on your counter would be pretty and functional! $6.95

4. Alas, my favorite of the bunch: gorgeous Mid-Century Modern stackable egg cups from French Attic Finds on Etsy. Beautiful! $14 for 4.

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