Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Product Love: Carve a Stamp, Y'all!

I apologize for the y'all. However--we are going stamp-raving-nuts over here at Assemble, working on our Kickstarter. We're getting all those stampy files ready for the stampy plate makers and the stampy rubber makers. It's so exciting! We've got so many goodies coming to all of our backers soon!

However, we aren't the only ones making great stampy kits. We are absolutely in love with this Carve a Stamp Kit from our friends at Yellow Owl Workshop.

carve a stamp kit by yellow owl workshop
carve a stamp kit by yellow owl workshop
Look at the templates!!! Ack!!

Similar to our old Carve a Linoleum Block Stamp workshop, this kit has all that you need to make your own stamps, like:
• Easy to follow instructions
• 25 templates
• Block with two sides for carving
• Carving tool with multiple blades
• All purpose ink pad

We don't carry it in our shop--yet--but you can always pick it up directly from Yellow Owl Workshop or check out all of their other awesome products in our shop. We just were really excited about such an awesome kit--we love kits! And we love Yellow Owl!

Images via Yellow Owl Workshop
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