Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Take Notes: "Blog with Purpose" by Melanie Biehle

A quick note about an awesome lady, that you met back in November of 2012. Melanie Biehle of Inward Facing Girl and Genuine Mix is definitely a favorite friend, and recently, she published her first ebook, entitled Blog with Purpose: It Takes More Than Top Knots. The title just cracks me up, it has "Those Girls" written all over it.

I still manage to learn something new every time I see Melanie, and her e-book is full of valuable information for anyone who is a blogger, wants to be a blogger, knows a blogger, or really has ever read a blog. I would absolutely pick up a copy, I mean, hey--it costs less than two lattes and a donut (can you tell I'm in the mood for coffees and donuts?) Not quite so much about the mechanics of setting up a website or designing the perfect logo, this e-book focuses more on creating unique and valuable content that relates directly to your own readers, plus it has worksheets! Who doesn't love a worksheet?? Well done, Melanie!

Book cover image via Genuine Mix

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