Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kickstarter: Kickstarted -- Assemble Rubber Stamping Kits

Oh man. We are excited. We just started a Kickstarter to make brand new Assemble Rubber Stamping Kits, out of our signature crafty and lifestyle images. See below:

assemble crafting rubber stamps images

PLUS a bonus Limited Edition Polar Bear stamp for backing $45 and up! Are you ready for this?

(Artwork by Karl Addison. Not actual size--hee!)

So, the way Kickstarter works is when a person backs your project, they choose their corresponding reward. Once the project is finished (in this case 30 days), if the project is fully funded, then each person gets their chosen reward. If not--and here's the very sad part--we get nothing. The project goes unfunded. So, we are asking all of you to spread the word, even if you can't help to fund the project. (We know how that is). We would LOVE to have these new, redesigned kits in your hands as soon as possible, so let's get [kick]started! So watch our video (below), and check out our Kickstarter page. We love you all! Thank you!!

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