Monday, February 25, 2013

Andie's Office Makeover // Part 2

I thought I'd include an update of my old office makeover. Since introducing all of my Assemble Studio goodies, the office has had to change just a bit, and while we're still building up our official studio space, I'm quite happy in my space!

assemble a brand new office space makeover part 2

1. Our "It Makes Toast" graphic from the Assemble studio wall. I think it fits quite well in its new home.

2. Bakers twine, galore! We use this to wrap up every Assemble order. White butcher paper + baker's twine + sticker.

3. A Yellow Owl Workshop trophy that I bought from our collection. Makes me happy to look at!

4. Our open/closed sign. Always open for business!

5. My glass head that Christian wishes I would get rid of. Never!!

6. The famed Assemble Vintage Cursive Typewriter--this inspired our colors, style and is a treasured piece of my typewriter collection.

7. A sweet Lisa Congdon Print to remind me of "Comfort and Ease." (All of Lisa's prints are on sale in our shop right now).

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