Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home Office Area Makeover

With all of this business of closing our shop doors and going online, I had a pretty hard time seeing myself working in the "office" area that we used to have. White walls with some cute things hanging, but overall drab.

For all those lap-toppers out there, do you find that you just end up in front of the TV with your computer? Then work and play are immediately melded into one and there is no division from work time and non-work time (something I have a LOT of trouble managing). Now that I'll be working at home starting in January, I found that I needed to solve this problem--and fast.

We were lovingly gifted a beautiful, new Mac desktop for our wedding present by Christian's parents, so that pushed me in the direction of making my office space classy enough for such a lovely new toy. The desk is built in, so unless I want to get out my jack hammer, it's going to have to stay until I can go in a different direction. Hence, my office area makeover!

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We did a couple of things here!

- First off, we painted the back wall with Oat Cake by Martha Stewart. We also used this as an accent wall in the living room. I think it's a lot warmer and more inviting now. (Especially for the winter).

- Then we installed shelves! Yes, I know they're upside down. That started as a mistake and now I like them even better that way. More things fit on the shelf without having to be squished into a smaller space, and now we can put a lot more weight on them.

- I stacked all of my favorite craft books + any magazine press we have gotten on the bottom shelves with my vintage circle cutter and some sweet, framed cards.

- Top shelves are mostly for fun. Some games, photos of family, my beloved glass head (Christian REALLY wants me to get rid of that one) and a favorite silk-screened poster that I picked up from Row Boat Press.

- On the desk is coffee (always), my favorite Lisa Congdon print, Pantone notebook, and more pens & pencils than you could ever dream that one person could need.

It's sort of lovely to have an area all to myself for creating and work. No more laptop in front of the tv! Working time is working time, and Bravo channel time is Bravo channel time.


A little update! Go to this post to see details on the new updates to my office space!

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