Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little G Across America

I'm really not sure that gerbils get enough credit. I mean, they're obviously the most stealthy of the domesticated rodents. Plus, they're adorable. Christian and I have a silly day dream about getting two gerbils and naming them Grandma and Grandpa. I digress.

This Friday the 14th from 6-9pm, one of our favorite stationery and accessories designers, Cub Report Card, will be stopping by to showcase a trunk full of new designs, all centered around (okay, now my ramble is about to make sense) a little Gerbil named Little G -- and he is traveling across America, perhaps to your own state!

Little G will be at Assemble with tons of brand new friends including T-shirts, tote bags, brand new card styles, pillows and much more. Here's one teeny, tiny sneak peek but that's all you get!

Make sure to stop by and see us (and Little G). It's the end of summer and we are in good spirits. Only four Artwalks left before the big switch to online!

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