Monday, March 10, 2014

Artist Spotlight: White Elephant by Sipho Mabona

Lately, I've been having a hard time becoming inspired to create. I don't know what it is--Deadlines? Winter? Lack of sleep? However, conceptual origami artist, Sipho Mabona of Mabona Origami has turned a light bulb on in my brain. What an inspiring and fresh, new artist.

Image via Migros Magazin

Images via Sipho Mabona by Phillipp Schmidli.
Sipho's crowdfunding project (watch first video below) was successfully funded four months ago and, in what I can only imagine is record time, has produced his beautiful, life-size origami elephant--now on display in Art KKLB, Beromunster, Switzerland. I'm so excited to see what Sipho creates next. His ideas for future life-size animal origami pieces are awe-inspiring. Love that bear! Watch the videos below to grab some inspiration for yourself.

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