Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crafty Project: Painted Holiday Globe Ornaments

I have to say that my tree is usually a bit less traditional than most. I love fake white trees, twinkly white lights and a non-traditional color scheme. That being said, I can never find glass, globe ornaments that I like because they are usually silver, gold, blue, red or green. And those colors are great--but sometimes, you just want to mix it up. So, we decided to do a fun (and very easy!) project for creating your own Christmas bulb ornaments in any color. Super inexpensive, quick and easy enough to do during a free hour. Weee!

Make your own hand-painted Christmas globe ornaments of any color

You will need:
• A package of inexpensive, plain glass bulb ornaments
• Acrylic craft paint in colors of your choice
• Dixie cups or several cut bottoms of old plastic bottles (for draining), small enough to hold the bulb
• A small amount of water if your paint is very thick
• Paper towels

Make your own hand-painted Christmas globe ornaments of any color

First thing's first: pop off the top of your ornament and place to the side. (You won't want to lose those!) Then, squirt a small amount of the paint of your choice into the bulb and proceed to roll it back and forth in your hand to cover the glass. You can always add more paint.

After coating the entire inside of the bulb, place it in your dixie cup or half-bottle container and allow the excess paint to drip out. I let these sit for about 6-8 hours. After they sit in the drip containers for a while, remove the ornaments and set them securely on a paper towel to continue drying. I would recommend overnight, if not longer.

Another fun thing to try is mixing colors. If you want a more brushed look, fill the ornament with both colors of paint at the same time, leaving each enough room to drip out. If you want a more modern, color-blocked look, wait for one color to dry, then add the other color. I used the aqua and gray brushed texture. Fun!

After the paint is dry, pop the metal top back on the ornaments and then insert the metal hook rungs. You always want to place the metal top on before inserting the hook, because the metal pieces rungs can scratch the paint on the inside of the ornament. And there you have it! Hang them on your tree or give them away as gifts!

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