Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Crafty Project: White Bean Lokta Tea Tin

Yes, we have been really crummy about updating this blog--but not for lack of ideas and love! Assemble is working on some great new projects that we will hopefully be able to announce soon. In the meantime, we are only posting to this blog when we have something lovely that comes from the heart. Here's one today! We are part of the Republic of Tea's mailing list, which means we get a loose tea bag in our catalog every month. They are amazing! However--there's nowhere to put them. So, I decided to use an old Trader Joes tea tin and make a new, special spot just for the loose bags. Enjoy!

For this project, you will need:
• An old tea tin that you would like to cover
• Decorative paper. I used White Bean Lokta from Paper Source. See the Orange Bean version in our hardcover bookbinding kit! Now available on Etsy.
• A straight-edged ruler.
• A pen knife.
• Binder's glue or mod podge--I used PVA.
• A glue or sponge brush.
• A cutting mat.
First, measure the sides of your tin and transfer the measurements onto the paper. You can either use a pencil to draw a line to cut or just use the pen knife and straight edge. Make sure that you like the design on the reverse side of the paper. If you have a large pattern like mine, make sure that it is aligned as you wish.
Cut your paper and line it up with the edges of the tea tin. Make sure that it fits inside of the tin's ridges.
Spread a small amount of your glue on the sides of the tin and press the paper evenly to remove any air bubbles. If your paper gets too wet, it can bubble, so only use a conservative amount.
Continue all the way around the tin. My lokta has a rough edge that is difficult to see after gluing, so I did not trim to the corners. If you want a perfect look, make sure to trim the paper as it reaches the last corner of the tin.
Measure your lid, and cut a square according to your measurements. You may have to trim the excess, but cut a large enough piece to cover the entire lid. Position the lid on top of the backside of the paper and cut small slits where the corners come to a point. These will help you wrap the lid nicely.
Spread a thin layer of glue on your lid and position it. Then, fold the corners in on the sides and glue the remaining pieces. Voila! All done! A tea tin for those rogue tea bags. Have a cuppa for us!
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