Thursday, April 4, 2013

An Office Project We're Loving: Studio Swine

Nothing pleases me more than clean, aesthetically simple spaces. I go through days where I'm pretty sure the only thing that's stopping me from throwing out all of my possessions is that I remember how much money I have invested in them over the years, and continue on with my precious clutter. But one day--I would love to have a space just like this one, where my projects would have no distractions, and clean lines would surround me.

office project by studio swine

I recently stumbled on Studio Swine when I was researching Kickstarter projects and just fell in love with their work (their now defunct Kickstarter was underfunded, which makes me so sad--I wish I had seen it before the countdown was over). Based in London, Studio Swine is a collaboration between Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves. This particular project is an office space commissioned by a film company, and is a small workspace for two to three people:

"The office is tiled in marble and decorated in a palette of light grey and white punctuated with bright, highly patterned marmoleum to create a utilitarian work space with pop elements. The floating desk maximizes the sense of openness whilst the pegboard and folding desks keep the space flexible to changing requirements." -Studio Swine

I noticed that they also have an upcoming SHOP, and I'm dying to see what pieces will be in there. What do you think? I feel like a cup of coffee and a pencil is all I would need to be creative in such a seamless space.

office project by studio swine
office project by studio swine

All images via Studio Swine
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