Monday, March 11, 2013

Four of Our Favorite Blogs You Should Be Reading

I have to admit--I'm not the most avid blog reader. It's not that I don't LOVE them, but running this little business takes a lot of time and energy, plus add in the necessary quality time with certain chihuahuas, husbands and books, and my day is spent! However, there are a few that I make it a point to read every single day. See below for our recommendations:

1. A Blog Named Scout: This lifestyle blog by stylist and creative extraordinaire, Jenn Blake, is a treat for the eyes. If you're in the mood for gorgeous photos, intelligent design and thoughtful posts, definitely check this one out. As an avid traveler, Jenn takes you on adventures from Greece to Australia, and back again to Seattle, where she shows her readers how to find beauty in the simplest objects.

2. Inward Facing Girl: Another Seattelite, this blog is a delight to your entrepreneurial senses. Full of brilliant small-business and blogger tips (she just published a great e-book called Blog With Purpose: It Takes More Than Just Top Knots in conjunction with her consulting company, Genuine Mix), art she "hearts," and other intriguing delights, plus fun quips by her toddler son, in the great series, "Nathaniel Said."

3. Elephantine: Elephantine, curated and written by Rachel Ball, is like a breath of crisp, fresh air. A lovely hodgepodge of fashion, recipes, jewelry and fiction, this blog reads like a delicate magazine published for creatives. See the feature Rachel wrote about us here.

4. I Art U: Last, but certainly not least, I Art U is a Los Angeles-based blog by lifestyle photographer, Jennifer Young. The photos arranged on this blog most assuredly take the visual cake, and we're in love with the tiny worlds she creates in the most beautiful of places. She even took a few shots of our Greenwood space, a post that we will always treasure. Look, there's Julianna Swaney's work on the walls!

Images via Jenn Blake by Michael Newstead, Melanie Biehle by Sandra Harris, Rachel Ball, and Jennifer Young by Ben Blood.

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