Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Emily's Fashion Tips for the New (and On-the-Go) Mom

fashion tips for on the go and new moms

Constantly dealing with baby spit up and playing in the wet sandbox with a toddler prevents me from being too creative with my wardrobe. But that doesn't mean moms should be confined to a life of oversized hoodies and leggings. New moms should be able to feel cute enough to go out for coffee without much fuss, and still be comfortable enough to play at the park. So how do we juggle the need to be accessible to our kids and still feel like hip mamas? Here are a few common conundrums and my tips for getting by:

1, 4. Always running around? Ditch the bulky diaper bag. Especially now with two kiddos, I need both hands available and I run in and out of the house several times before getting on the road. Go for versatile slip on sneakers and a cute backpack. I opt for the Foldsack No. 1 and these comfortable Bensimon Tennis Shoes. Hey--check it out! Assemble colors!

2, 6 + 7. No time to shower? Use dry shampoo, a pretty scarf (this one's from the always subtly chic J. Crew), and some NARS lip gloss. I just discovered dry shampoo last year, and it's a miracle! And, the NARS makeup can be used as blush or eye shadow!

3. In-between sizes? Instead of black leggings, which are an easy habit to fall into while losing your baby weight, find high-waisted jeans with a little stretch. These high-risers from Madewell are my go-to pair.

5. I'm late already?! Get a watch - time moves faster with wee ones. Try to find an easily wipe-able band. I like this one from Breo.

8. Breastfeeding. I despise those wrap-style jersey nursing tops. Opt for button-downs (for easy access, yet full coverage) and choose a pattern, like this adorable one from the GAP, since they help hide messes.

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