Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Were you a Child of the 90s?

My husband and I are in the midst of a new project (shh--can't tell you yet, sorry!), and have been discussing lots of themes. One of them just happens to be being a child of the 90s. Making lists of 90s nostalgia is actually hilariously fun, and I hope you'll join me, because we need all the ideas we can get. Here are a few of my favorite memories:

child of the 90s nostalgia 1990s

1. Swatch watches: oh my, I loved them. I think I had about three and I subsequently wore them all at the same time. Here's the weirdest part--I set them all for different times. (???)

2. Hold on for one more day. Enough said.

3. Bubble tape! Ever try to cram the entire roll into your mouth? Me neither....

4. Rollerblades. I am going to brag a bit. I was amazing on those things. In fact, I recently asked my husband how he would feel if I started rollerblading again for fitness. I could even listen to "Tainted Love" on my iPod! He was speechless. (Probably just jealous).

5. Slap bracelets. Were they banned at your school? They were at mine, but I don't think that stopped any of us.

6. The Party. Okay, I realize this might be slightly obscure, but this was one of my favorite "bands" when I was a kid and was the first of the Disney/Mickey Mouse Club music groups. If you know them, you love them, and if you don't, well, you can watch this. (Pair this with the roller blades and some very awkward bangs and you have 11 year old Andie).

7. The yellow Sports Walkman. I think everyone might have had one of these. We might still all have one, taking up space in a box somewhere, a case for dead batteries. I just loved how it locked closed.

What are your favorite 90s nostalgic things? We're making a list!

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