Monday, January 7, 2013

Those Girls: Emily's New Year Resolutions // Part 2

2013 is already set up to bring major changes in my life. Assemble has made the first leaps towards its transition from commercial retail space to a new online format. And, my husband and I are expecting our second baby boy anytime in the next few weeks. I wasn't sure I needed anything else on my to-do list, when it seems that New Years resolutions are more daunting than inspiring.

That said, there are still things I want to accomplish. I decided that as long as my resolutions excite me, they are worth pursuing. As Andie mentioned last week, the key to making changes is being specific and realistic. I'm adding emphasis on the most important factor for me: energizing. I have no time for draining activities (big or small) so things I do this year will be directed at re-energizing my body and soul.

assemble those girls emilys resolutions
1/Fedora: Topshop USA, 2/Noteset: Sugar-Paper, 3/Art work by Nikki McClure, 4/Glasses: Warby Parker

1. Be (more) bold. This is the loftiest of my goals, but the most important. My relationships, my business goals, and my personal style are all in need of courage. I'm afraid to say "No" people and "Yes" to accessories. I worry about making definitive decisions just in case it's the wrong one. I'm afraid to wear a hat -- they make such a statement, don't they? But here's the thing: I'm not a plain jane or complacent person. So now is the time to step it up and embrace my more quirky side.

2. Correspond. There are more people I'd like to write to than I can currently keep up with. It is the one habit of procrastination I have picked up since my first kiddo was born. I'm quite embarrassed by my lack of correspondence. My goal is to have a stationery kit right at my desk, complete with stamps and my address book, so that I can send my "thank you's" and "thinking of you's" right when I need to.

3. Go see more fine art. I love, no, adore, museums. But I can't tell you the last time I was in one. This is heartbreaking for an art history major and former gallery owner. I am always inspired by what people do/make, and in addition to reading art journals and blogs, I NEED to get my butt into a museum (art or otherwise) to feed my creative spirit. I'm starting with the Nikki McClure exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum, showing through February 3rd. The piece pictured above, Rely, reminds me so much of me holding Henry (wearing a hat, even!) and I'm immediately called to see it in person.

4. Finally get glasses. This is more practical than anything, but I have been in denial way too long. I need glasses. I knew it when a customer walked in the shop and I embarrassingly greeted her thinking she was a dear old friend. Oops! I can't see street signs when I drive, which is also not very safe with babies on board. So I'm making the commitment to buy the frames I need and want, keeping in mind my #1 resolution to be more bold and #3 resolution to really go SEE more art.

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