Thursday, October 18, 2012

Special Neatloaf Repost! Guest Post: How Some of my Favorite Creative People Live [with Blair Stocker]

This is a repost of a lovely entry from our former blog, Neatloaf, by the incredibly lovely and talented, Blair Stocker of wisecraft. We loved it so much that we wanted to repost it here! Enjoy!

molly makes lisa stickley tomboy pretty house tour
molly makes lisa stickley tomboy pretty house tour
molly makes lisa stickley tomboy pretty house tour
Images from Molly Makes

The images above are of Lisa Stickley's apartment in a recent issue of Molly Makes. So sweet! Lisa's style has been referred to as "Tomboy Pretty" and I think its perfect. I have one of Lisa's porcelain teacup and saucers that I drink tea from when I'm working in my studio. It reminds me that other creative people are everywhere, working and creating beautiful things and it inspires me every time I use it.

I love seeing how my favorite creative people live. Not decorators, but people who are passionate about design and creativity and who want (probably need) their space to reflect their point of view. Nobody is really worried about scale, balance, and the hot prints or colors of the season, or the practicalities of decorating per se, but just thinking about how much they love this or that, and wanting to see it every day.

Another of my favorite homes is Denyse Schmidt's home in Connecticut, as seen in previous issue of ReadyMade. Just look at all the "quilty" goodness in that room.

quilt home readymade magazine denyse schmidt
quilt home readymade magazine denyse schmidt
Images from ReadyMade

When I was growing up, it was quite common to move into a home, decorate it once, and that was it. Done. You too? As an adult with my own space, things that don't change on occasion can make me feel creatively sad and stifled. And I don't mean just pulling out the yearly Christmas decorations, although now that I think of it that way, maybe changing up the decor during the holidays helped it feel so magical. My home is the one place I can express who I am, and I quite literally feel like a can't breathe in a space that never changes a bit. I cited these two creative women in the Apartment Therapy tour of my home that Andie shot, as influences on how I decorate. Andie did such a wonderful job capturing the real life that goes on in our home. Thank you, Andie!


Thank YOU, Blair!

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