Thursday, October 11, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Joana Stillwell

Since we won't be doing any more art shows after our highly anticipated show with Danielle Krysa of The Jealous Curator (opening on November 9th, 6-9pm), we thought we would continue releasing our love of show-worthy artists to our followers, but now in the nether-regions cyberspace! Each month, we will showcase a new favorite artist that we deem Assemble-esque. Here's a preview! Enjoy!

balloon crafts
Screenshot via Joana Stillwell

We discovered Joana Stillwell not along ago when she sent us an email inquiry. We loved her work and thought it was completely inspired and innovative. From video work to photography, Stillwell manages to give life to every day objects that are commonplace in our lives. My favorite of her work is the Unremarkable Photo Series in which seemingly normal objects "demand to be taken seriously." The fact that they are shot juxtaposed in front of curtains and carpeting makes them even more special in a sea of the conventional.

little artistic objects photography
Screenshot via Joana Stillwell

Definitely take the time to check out her work when you are feeling the need to zone into a world that beautifies the every day.

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