Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bringing Old-Fashioned Back to the Table

Table linens have come back into fashion, especially fabric napkins and tea towels. A simple piece of cotton is a great canvas for a designer, and people are increasingly interested in reusable goods. I'm a sucker for anything that goes in a kitchen, it's no secret. But I particularly love to collect the old fashioned bits and pieces that aren't quite as common anymore.

Napkin rings. I see why people don't love to use these. They only serve one purpose - to hold your napkin in a little bundle. But they don't have anywhere to go once your guests pull them off, and they aren't always easy to clean or store. Still, I love to mix and match my wooden sets, that I bought at garage sales for $1. I think they are an easy way to make a guest feel special.

Candlesticks. I don't know too many people that regularly use taper candles at the dinner table. I do, but only for special occasions. I keep a shoebox in my hutch with all of my seasonal colors, wrapped in wax paper. My eclectic collection consists of both brass thrift finds and beautiful crystal from Tiffany & Co. Just remember to light your wicks before setting out, and use a snuffer instead of blowing out the flame to prevent wax drops from flying.

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Doilies, salt & pepper shakers, trivets and chargers make my list too.

This blurry little picture is of my Thanksgiving table setting last year, complete with napkin rings and candlesticks, just how I like it!

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