Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Urban Craft Uprising

We will be loading in all of our goodies tomorrow for Urban Craft Uprising and we hope to see you there! To entice you our way--we wanted to show you a selection of our very favorite products/vendors who will be selling this weekend. Make your way over to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall and say hello! We miss your happy faces.

First column from top to bottom:
1. A favorite graphic pillow from Nell & Mary, $66
2. Don't forget the well-dressed man in your life: a blue and red plaid Bow Tie from Winslow, $45.
3. We love this Sticks & Squares Organic Knit Scarf by local favorite, Jessalin Beutler: $78

Second column from top to bottom:
4. The Durango necklaces by Son of a Sailor (I have the Bright Orange, and love it! -A)
5. For the artist in your life: gorgeous letterpressed sketchbooks from Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress!
6. One of our forever favorite design teams: Slide Sideways's Free and Easy Limited Edition print, $30

Third column from top to bottom:
7. Can't go wrong with handmade cosmetics: Herbivore Botanicals has created this lovely Charcoal Bamboo Soap: just $9 and oh so luscious.
8. Assemble always stocks illustrator Ryan Berkley, but we have none of these awesome new Limited Edition prints in stock! Love this Scout Kitten by Berkley Illustration, $50
9. Snuggle on the modern side with these Cowl Knits by Victory Garden Yarn, $65

We would love to see you there this weekend, and I'm sure all of the above artists and designers would too! Happy Holidays and shop small!

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