Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Sharon Montrose of The Animal Print Shop

I just ordered a print for myself for Christmas that I think I have been wanting for roughly four years. Finally, I decided to stop thinking about it and just order it! Why do we do that sometimes?? I ordered Sharon Montrose's Pheasant #2 from The Animal Print Shop. If you haven't had a chance to take a look at The Animal Print Shop--you better high-tail (no pun intended) it over there right now!

I always wanted the pheasant because it is a unique piece that not many people would think to order, and it has a sweet connection to my family history. My dad hunts pheasants--we have it on holidays, wrapped in bacon! When I was growing up in England, you could sometimes glimpse these gorgeous Common Pheasants marching through the fens and flora. We had a beagle for a while (supposedly a bird dog) who ignored the pheasants, oddly. Perhaps she knew they belonged to the Queen (if you have kids and have not read them Danny the Champion of the World, now is the time that you order that book!).

Check out all of the beautiful animals at The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose (my nursery favorite is the baby porcupine!) Which animal is your favorite??

Images via The Animal Print Shop
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