Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I know, I know, I'm Mentioning It Again...

Hey guys! We're half way there (and sadly) not half-way funded on our Kickstarter yet. We want so badly to get these kits out there and have fun stamping parties etc., don't you? If you believe in our work but aren't that into stamping (that's okay!) know that a donation furthers all of Assemble's projects. Whether it's our upcoming collaboration with an AWESOME company (we can't tell yet, so sorry!) or our online shop that supports independent designers, even just a $5 donation from all of our friends and supporters will be so greatly appreciated and keep our little brick & mortar moving on the way to online success. The annoying part about Kickstarter--yeah, I said it--is that we don't get ANY money to make these kits if we don't get fully funded. So watch the video, and get our back, friends. Click here to view our Kickstarter video and rewards.

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