Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emily's Tips: Five Things You Can Do For a Second-Time Mom

I'm two months (to the day!) into life with two kids, and wow! Things sure are very different the second time around. I appreciate helpful gestures now more than ever. Here are a few things my friends and neighbors have been doing that makes my life more manageable that you might be able to use for your friends who have a second (or third) babe in the house.

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1. Help around the house! The first time around, I didn't really want too much domestic help. I wanted to figure out my little bundle and how to juggle being a mom. I was also embarrassed of my stack of dirty dishes and unswept floor, so I didn't want anyone thinking I couldn't do it. This time--please, PLEASE come grab a kid, do the dishes, vacuum, make the more shame, just desperation.

2. Tell her she's doing a great job/looks great. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies! I know things are frazzled around here, so please ignore that I'm still wearing my husband's sweatpants for the third day in a row.

3. If you go to the store and live nearby, ask if you can pick something up. With one kiddo, getting out of the house was a nice treat. I enjoyed getting coffee, or running lots of errands. But with two, the thought of shopping is unbearable, yet I always could use something random.

4. Bring food. We've gotten so many wonderful goodies from the neighbors. We've received the following, which have all been saving graces: A frozen meal--nice to be able to save it for later. A hot homemade meal--perfect to have delivered piping hot right before dinner. A bag of healthy snacks--non-perishables like chips, salsa, soup, left at the front door. A take-out dinner delivered--give us the menu, you order and deliver! We've loved it all.

5. Keep checking in. Sending notes, emails and texts makes me happy, but it can be impossible to respond quickly, or sometimes at all. I need connections to the real world, so please know that I'm here and still appreciate those shout outs.

Got any suggestions of your own? What saved your life when you had a little one?

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