Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will You Be My Valentine? // Valentine Picks from Assemble Shop

Looking for a gift for your sweetie? (Or looking for something to conveniently leave open on the computer screen for them to find?) Here ya go! Here are our favorite picks for awesome Valentine gifts. Hurry up though! Some of these are the last ones left in the shop--and I'm not telling you which ones!

Valentine gift guide for creatives

1. Assemble Needle-Felted Sweets Crafting Kit, $30. One of our kits of course! We would never miss an opportunity to let you in on these gems, OBVIOUSLY. A sweetie for your sweetie! All funny-business aside, if you're wanting to learn Needle-Felting but want some one-on-one instruction, head over to Drygoods Design's workshop schedule where I'll be teaching this kit in their brand new Make.Do.Mend space. Sign up quick!

2. You Are My Sunshine card by Iron Curtain Press, $5. Our Favorite Friend, Rosanna Kvernmo of Iron Curtain Press has a knack for creating lovely, simplistic Valentines. We love this one.

3. Rosey White + Fuschia 'Dot' Earrings by Vivi Dot, $14. This isn't the only style, but it's definitely the most "Valentiney." Check out all of Vividot's awesome dotty jewelry on our shop.

4. This is the Moment Print by Jessica Swift, $20. A favorite of mine: this print is sweet, hip and oh-so-unique.

5. Me & You Pencils by Knot & Bow, $12. I love these! I use the Meatballs & Potatoes one for French class--no idea why. But as a pencil connoisseur, let me tell you that these are amazing. 1/they don't break. 2/they sharpen well (none of that giant wood splintery-up the side business that you get a lot) and 3/the erasers ERASE. Unlike some pencil erasers that will remain nameless.....

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