Friday, December 14, 2012

Introducing: The Assemble Crafting Kits

We are so excited to FINALLY introduce our Assemble Crafting Kits. We have worked tirelessly on them to bring them to the masses, and are proud and happy to get them out before the holidays! We have a total of eight new kits, including: Needle-Felted Sushi, Needle-Felted Breakfast, Needle-Felted Sweets, Crocheted Granny Squares, and Hardcover Bookbinding in a variety of paper styles. Each kit includes everything you need to create the project, plus a full-color, photographed instruction booklet. Those are our hands!

Needle-Felted Sushi Kit, $30

Needle-Felted Sweets Kit, $30

Needle-Felted Breakfast Kit, $30

Crocheted Granny Square Kit, $35

Hardcover Bookbinding Kit in Orange Bean, $40

Hardcover Bookbinding Kit in Lime Lattice Recycled Rag, $40
Hardcover Bookbinding Kit in Silver Leaf on Gray/Blue Lokta, $40
Hardcover Bookbinding Kit in Turquoise Mums Lokta, $40

Please join us tonight (Friday, December 14th) from 6-9pm for our official release of the kits, champagne, and my awesome husband and our dear friend playing Christmas music (see below for a glimpse!) for our LAST Assemble party in this space. We are excited to see you, and can't wait. xo Andie & Emily

Little Saint Nick from Adrian Centoni on Vimeo.

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