Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's Brown & Sticky?

...a stick! We're gettin' twiggy wit it. (So sorry, my inner dork really needed that one). We've been noticing a lot of really cool twig & stick couture lately! We thought we'd combine some of our favorites for you guys. Enjoy!

painted sticks plushy sticks, twigs watercolors and jewelry madewell

1. We love this collection of painted sticks by Ette. What would you do with them? We don't really know!

2. Thank goodness gold is coming back, we love it! Check out this pretty Tree Twig Necklace from Madewell. Sweet & subtle.

3. Love this watercolor. Another comeback we're excited about! From River Luna on Etsy, $40.

4. These are a shop favorite here at Assemble, and just $5. Only available in-shop! (Give us a call if you're interested in ordering). By Boris & Katusha.

5. Our favorites! We love these little guys so much that they have become a yearly fan favorite. Little, plushy sticks by Finkelsteins, just $12.

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