Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Thanksgiving Miracle: Andie's Dream Holiday Tablescape

We're two days out from Thanksgiving! That means, we're on the 2-day Countdown in our Thanksgiving Week Series. Next up, see below for my dream Thanksgiving Table-scape:

modern thanksgiving place setting

1. Super-chic + rustic Chilewich Bark Basketweave Runner, available at Sur La Table. Saw this same runner at Design Within Reach for $200! Thanks, Sur La Table!! $45

2. My favorite hand-screenprinted napkins in black & white chevron from Piano Nobile. Hurry up, these are a limited edition! $20

3. Stoneware...mmmm. Grab yours at Crate & Barrel. Stay away from mine! (just kidding).... $12.95 for dinner plate.

4. Mini pies!! Concoct your own with help from the experts at Williams-Sonoma! (My favorite is cherry!)

5. Truffle salt. Oh boy, this will be my downfall. I put it on everything, from chicken to eggs on toast! Grab some at Williams-Sonoma, $29.95.

6. Take a look at all of the gorgeous, vintage Pyrex on Etsy, and find yourself bleary-eyed and confused, five hours later! I love the ones with little "stories" painted into the designs. These are good ones: from The Retro Piece on Etsy, $27.95.

7. Find yourself stuck at a table with a bunch of crazy nuts and nothing to talk about? Grab one of these. I will stand by this game until the end of time: Table Topics: The What Would You Do? Edition. Waaaay better than a game of charades. $25.

+ for a bonus coup de grĂ¢ce, I will answer some of the What Would You Do questions! (I encourage you answer me in the comments, or I will be a lonely cheese, standing alone in the Farmer's Dell of honest confession).

A selection from the What Would You Do Table Topics. Wanna play?
Have you ever pretended to be sick to get out of something? Absolutely. I used to hold the thermometer up to light bulbs to get out going to school. One time I had a 110 degree temperature. Whoops.
If you were asked to lie on a job recommendation for a friend would you? No. I can't see a situation where that would be okay. Unless my friend was starving and on the streets.
Would you repackage a gift in a trendy store box to lead a friend to believe that you purchased it there? No. They know I ain't got no moneys!
Which virtue do you struggle with most? Probably temperance. I have a habit of saying whatever pops into my head without thinking.
If you found $200 at an ATM machine would you return it to the bank? Knowing myself, my gut reaction would probably be to return it to the bank. If it were after hours--not a chance.
Is justice or mercy more important? Mercy. Everyone needs it once in a while.

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