Thursday, November 8, 2012

A New Series: Those Girls

If you are in a creative field like Emily and I, you will know how difficult it is to navigate the creative hemisphere and establish yourself as unique. I'm sure all of you can relate to thinking of a great idea, drafting it out and getting it started, then finding a blogger or designer who has done it first, and worse: better. We begin to imagine that they are better.

You see, the thing is: these people don't exist--at least not as the superwomen we imagine. Don't get us wrong, there are some truly fabulous women out there. Perhaps one is amazing at cooking, and another is amazing at styling, another takes the most beautiful photos you have ever seen. These are talents that we should all respect and adore, but remember, that these are elements of a real person. And what does that person have to say? What is she afraid of, who is she shy around, what intimidates her? Making it look easy, doesn't mean it is easy.

those girls assemble andie and emily

The truth is, one of those girls (just like us) is shoving the garbage off of her desk or just out of frame for the perfect photo, and another is taking pictures of her feet only (trés chic) because she hasn't washed their hair in three days due to deadlines, kids, and visiting family. Those girls (you know, the ones we fabricate in our head) sure make us feel...well, like we are not enough. Emily and I have a saying (seriously tongue in cheek, please forgive it): "don't be jelly." And yes that DID come from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! We love TV and aren't ashamed! Don't be jelly! Don't be jealous, be productive in your own ways!

We want to create a space for those of you who need a safe haven. Not for complaints about those who are doing well or who thought of that idea before you, but for complete honesty, respect and encouragement. We will pour our hearts out to you here, and we hope that you will as well.

Do you ever feel like there are too many things that you want to do in life and not enough time?

Do you ever feel envious of bloggers or designers who seem to have it all together?

Do you wonder why it seems to come so easy for others but not for you?

Guess what:? We all feel this way. In this weekly series, we want to share:

• encouraging comments
• fears and doubts about our work
• time-saving tricks to get it all done
• quick ways to eat healthy when you are super busy
• happy thoughts to dwell on
• things we are grateful for, things we need to remember
• fabulous outfits to make you feel confident that won't break the bank
• written exercises (break out those worksheets from school!)
• physical exercises! (no groaning)
• ways to find a truly well-crafted life: within yourself.
• etc., etc., etc.

Please join us!

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