Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet Teef

Are any of you fans of the fantastic blog, My Milk Toof? It's pretty much the greatest thing ever: the adventures of two little teeth, ickle and Lardee, and their goldfish, Carrot. So sweet, charming and authentically unique. Plus, I'm so glad to hear that the creator has made a book. What a great gift idea!

sweet teeth ickle and lardee my milk toof on a record player
Photo via My Milk Toof

This picture is my favorite (I love raccoon-skin caps!):

Now of course I need the book, dang! These got me thinking of little ickle and Lardee. Brand new rubber stamps with new, awesome egg carton packaging from The Small Object. Look at that little toof! We have a bunch in stock right now at our online shop.

the small object tooth rubber stamp

And for your sweet toof, check out this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for Pink Lemonade bars. I know what I'm making this week!!

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