Friday, October 5, 2012

Not Enough Hours in the Day...or Are There?

A friend of mine recently made the most poignant remark to me. She said "people who consistently talk about being busy are really just making themselves feel important. We all have the same amount of hours in the day." What a point! I always feel like there isn't enough time in the day and that all I do is work, so I decided to test myself.

Saying you "don't have time for that" doesn't mean that you actually don't have time for it: it means you are choosing to do something else that is more valuable to you with your time. I also think that is a completely valid excuse. BUT when your Grandma asks you to come over for dinner, maybe don't tell her that you are "choosing to do something else more valuable to you." Might not go over well...

So, I took a few notes. If there are 24 hours a day, what am I doing during mine? I created an estimate on most of what my day consists of. There are some days where all I do is sit around eating pizza and watching Bravo. There are others where I'm working literally from dawn til dusk, with snack breaks. The average day, however, is somewhere around here:

A pie chart! mmmm pie. Click to enlarge.

Now...I have to wonder how many of these things I am doing while working. Watching tv/working. Eating/working. Hey, my brain is even going while I'm exercising, but I'm not sure that's the point. I actively force myself to at least try to do other things, to broaden my horizons, or I think I might go insane. Most of you have probably heard me blabbing about my newfound favorite thing: French classes at the Alliance Fran├žaise. I'm in love with it. I've wanted to learn French since I was a little kid, and I'm so excited that I bought these on Etsy yesterday. eek!

What are you doing during your day? What do you wish you were doing? I kinda wish I was being really rich in Paris, but to each his own.

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